0.0.19 2015-05-14

Add .json to .gitignore.
    Improved pkl compatiblity btw py2 and py3.
    Code cleanup in

0.0.18 2015-05-13

Added PyPy and PyPy3 to .travis.yml.
    Corrected some encoding issues.
    Simplified some code.
    Export Shippable test results to a file to make them visible from
    the management page.
    Simplified DATA_FILES in

0.0.17 2015-05-09

Add support for Appveyor.

0.0.16 2015-05-08

Changed data format to json.
    Improved Unicode compliance.
    Corrected yml files for Travis and Shippable.
    Replaced unicode() for .decode().
    Added comment_import_for_py2exe() and
    uncomment_import_for_py2exe() in to solve
    py2exe unicode errors (for the moment).

0.0.15 2015-05-04

Correct change_sphinx_theme().
    Correct requirements-dev.txt.
    Clarify some messages.

0.0.14 2015-05-02

Update .gitignore.

0.0.13 2015-05-02

Update usage template.
    Correct index.html.
    Update build.cmd.

0.0.12 2015-05-02

Include missing file in git (

0.0.11 2015-05-02

Correct README.rst.
    Correct upd_usage_in_readme() text alignment.

0.0.10 2015-05-02

Recreates reference.rst in the doc directory on each build. Can be disabled
    inside build.cmd by remarking the REBUILD_REFERENCE=YES line.
    Checks PEP8 (flake8) and Py3 compatibility (pylint --py3k).
    Py3 compatibility check can be disabled inside build.cmd by remarking the
    Code cleanup.
    Change sphinx theme when in RTD.

0.0.9 2015-04-26

Remove Sphinx upload section from setup.cfg.
    Update README.rst.
    and DEFAULT_LICENSE) for future use in other applications.
    py2exe build now works with Py3 (tested with Anaconda).

0.0.8 2015-04-26

Add files and dirs to .gitignore.
    Correct to include doc if exists.
    Add warning to py2exe build.
    Add ERRORLEVEL check when publishing dists to PyPI.

0.0.6 2015-04-26

Add dumb, msi and rpm options to build.cmd.
    Update README.rst.
    Correct os.linesep to '\n' in update_copyright() (

0.0.5 2015-04-25

Improve Py3 compatibility.
    Update rst files to improve docs.
    Add defaults to setup questions.
    Add build.cmd usage info.
    Update requirements.txt and requirements-dev.txt.
    Add delay between templates copying and renaming application directory.

0.0.4 2015-04-20

Update README.rst.
Updates usage section in README.rst based on usage.txt (which resides
    inside your application directory).

0.0.3 2015-04-20

Update README.rst.

0.0.2 2015-04-20

Remove rst2pdf module due to Py3 incompatibility.
Add To do list to README.rst.

0.0.1 2015-04-19

Create build.cmd to build source, egg, wheel, win, py2exe, cxf (still not
    working), doc and run tests.
Add PyPI and PyPItest uploads.
Create single file for setup info ( that can be used by the
    application itself.
Create templates for Travis, Shippable and tox.
Create template for development requirements (requirements-dev.txt).
Create empty template for installation requirements (requirements.txt).
Create template for git VCS exceptions (.gitignore).
Create template for files to be included in the setup (
Create template for a README file (README.rst).
Create template for wheel setup and Sphinx documentation upload (setup.cfg).
Create option (-d) to copy templates to doc dir (ncludes option -r below).
Create option (-r) to update doc\reference.rst.